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The State of Online Whoredom

Sooooo…I was reading Momma Maggie’s April Q&A earlier this morning.  Read it. 

What was supposed to be a simple response to the first question and response regarding the proper way to go about engaging a whore’s services turned into this dissertation, which seemed quite appropriate for…Bad Brandy!

Hooker boards can be a dependable and convienient way to meet ladies and granted, it can definitely be a safer way to do so than randomly calling a lady off of Backpage.  However, one can absolutely look on Backpage, or better yet, Eros Guide; choose a lady of interest, do their homework (this is the key), meet a great lady, and have an amazing experience.

The problem with hooker boards is that they are oftentimes endless cesspools of misogeny and more often than not, reviews are strongly embellished and sometimes unfairly biased, pure fantasy, and even complete and total bullshit.  I cannot tell you how many times over the years I have found reviews of me that were just ridiculous; some profoundly exaggerated in terms of specifics such as making totally false claims of my participation in unsafe activities, then there’s the many false claims (and once in a great while maybe one based somewhat in truth) rooted in ego affirmation of the author such as “we went three times and she just couldn’t get enough”, and sometimes true, sometimes false claims of discounts I may or may not have given to a particular person on a given day.  Basically, true or false, these are all things I REALLY DON’T WANT ADVERTISED as they cause problems that are anywhere from mildly annoying to quite serious when I find myself in a situation where a gentleman expects me to engage in unsafe activity because, well, the review told him so.

The Erotic Review is particularly bad about this sort of thing because members can earn VIP status by submitting a certain number of reviews, and these reviews must contain a good amount of “juicy details” or they will not be approved.  Because of this, TER has denigrated into nothing more than a wide collection of erotic fiction that could very possibly be used as evidence of illegal activity.

Additionally, the boards sometimes serve as the preferred tool of revenge for angry boyfriends, disgruntled clients, and jealous individuals.  If you are a whore and you piss someone, anyone, off, there is a fair possibility they will try to exact revenge by fucking with your means of earning a living; which by the way is a serious violation of individual rights.  Certain hooker boards recognize and delete such things, others do not. 

There’s been more than one occasion where a lady has felt she had to put up with a particular client’s bullshit because if she didn’t he would write a bad review.  In fact it happens all the fucking time. Those of you who know me can probably figure that I don’t kiss ass; reviews be damned.  So, at least once a year I have to go through the hassle of sending TER a letter of cease and desist to get them to take down my profile.   However, I treat those who treat me well like gold.  Amazing how that works.

One only has to visit the “Eccieleaks” site to find the misogynistic tendencies taking place behind the scenes of provider – hobbyist subculture.  Note that this is the first time in any of my writings that I use the term “misogeny”; usually I dismiss such terms as useless neofeminist propaganda.  I like men and think neofeminist attempts to collectively castrate half the human race by denying their God given nature is the ultimate assholery.  However, here I think the term applies, although I had to look up the proper spelling (misogeny, not assholery).  Please also take a moment to note the following: a) if I were a gentleman spending hundreds of dollars weekly on provider ladies you’re damn straight I’d do my homework and even perhaps discuss my “hobby” with my peers, and b) I am a devout capitalist.

That noted, go ahead and note this: There is something very amiss when those purchasing any product or service expend more energy into and have more influence over the final product or service than those who provide it. 

The English-to-Stupid translation: This shit’s gone too far, yo.

Is that the purchaser’s fault or the provider’s?  Ha.  Rather than subjecting y’all to a diatribe of my attempt to analyze the economics behind this concept, why don’t y’all tell me 🙂

Soooo….speaking in terms I generally detest because while I believe very strongly in each individual’s right to make their own fucking choice and say NO, I believe just as strongly that if they fail to do so that is their own fucking responsibility.  Providers are adults as are all women above the age of 18.  BUT I can attest to the pressure to lower one’s price cause, guess what y’all, if you don’t then you ain’t paying your fucking rent this month. 

Coercion?  Eh…I wouldn’t go that far.  Degradation?  Eh…well..let me say that I wouldn’t recommend a restaurant as a place to be sure your waitress hasn’t been degraded, and neither would I recommend a hobby board as a place to be sure your provider hasn’t been degraded. 

Then again, I ain’t seen no websites dedicated to the fantasy review of waitresses…