Some people spend way too much time in the mirror saying, “OMG, liek, girl power to the max, yalls!”

Maggie McNeill makes a pithy and, frankly, normal post in her usual style of common sense vis a vis gender dynamics and the manner in which women naturally possessing a lack of testicleosity can also display a remarkable lack of, to borrow the colloquial, balls when asserting themselves.

Blog follower Susan Macauley comments to call Maggie a narrow-minded, generalizing hypocrit. Shockingly, this goes over like a ton of bricks.  Cue general dressing-down style mayhem in place of what ordinarily would have been a pleasant couple of hours of cafe discussion.

We’re up to almost eighty comments so I’ll just give the cliffnotes.

Susan: OMG, y’all, like, totally misunderstood me and are also mean.  *sniff* 

Vlad the Impatient: Bitch, please.  Pfft, next.

All: Ditto.

Maggie: Rise to the occasion, my minions.

Emily: If she’s gonna piss in your living room, I’m gonna rub her nose in it.

Laura: Ditto.

Kelly James: Suck my dick, uppity bitch.

Susan: They didn’t cover ironic wit in my women’s studies course.  That was a compliment, right?

Maggie: Oh, sweet Christos, just don’t break the place, mmkay?

And quite possibly the most perfect bitchslap in all of internet wankdom was issued by Andrea, supplied here in full for your enjoyment.  Look on her works, ye mighty, and despair!

You won’t be getting any apologies from me. Your posting is just typical female passive aggressive bullshit.

I love your blog! You’re so narrowminded! But I totally get what you’re saying! LOL FAIL. Ha ha! Just kidding! I hate how you pigeon-hole people! But I totally love your blog!

I’ll say to you what I say to all the women who engage in this kind of manipulative social bullshit: fuck you and your girl shit.

Oops! I mean, I totally love you Susan! You’re such a cunt! Just kidding! Love you! LOL!

Behold perfection.  ❤

A select few nuggets of wanky goodness.

Well, the personal attacks in the comment above and those that follow, save Maggie’s, Grahamj’s & Laura’s (thanks BTW), are to me a clear indication that some of you feel as uncomfortable about having your views challenged as the “Jezzies” (and others who don’t share your opinions), that you are so quick to skewer.

Which would have been a pithy and telling shot if, y’know, she’d actually challenged any views or offered up any relevant commentary other than her choice to sling buzzwords at Maggie.  Classic case of firing the first volley and then crying because, in the real world, sometimes when you poke people they take your stick and beat your fool head in with it.

P.S. FYI Emily: re LOL? it’s in the OED LOL #justsaying

Yeah, sweetheart.  Being an old lady, like yourself, I’ve BTDT, got the killfile.  I was mocking your belief that facility with l33t Netspeak makes you hip, which appears to have gone right over your head (again) because you haven’t learned ironi-  Oh, never mind.  You’re such a cunt!  Just kidding!  LOL!  Love you!

And now she’s haunting the comment thread, flinging emoticons like a monkey flings poo (the monkey probably has more heart for it though), in an effort to convince herself that smiley faces equate the moral high ground.  It’s kind of depressing, really, to see a self-styled feminist so deeply craving the label Nice Girl from people she’s ticked off.  Princess needs to learn that in the battle for gender equality, you can get your shitkickers in lovely Barbie pink with fluffy laces and three-inch heels that show off your ankles… but they are still shitkickers.  If you can’t wade in with the courage of your convictions, then stay home and roll bandages.


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  1. Kelly James Said:

    *snicker* off to survey the most recent damage…

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