Stupid Question #1

Do you have a pic?

Amy is wearing green, I’m the one in the middle…

NO, we don’t have pics. Seriously. Mine are out there, you just have to look. My partner has never offered pics. Ever. Out of respect for her and since we work together. I don’t want to offer anything she is not comfortable with and so that neither of us are at a disadvantage or have a “one-up” on the other, I stopped offering them too. Most people assume this means that A) we are really hot or B) we are really ugly. We fall somewhere in between.

So once we establish that you are not going to get any pics no matter how much you beg, the question follows “What do you look like?”

We look like women you could run into at the grocery store. Average heights, average weights, normal normal normal. But yes, we do have boobs in case you were wondering.



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