Some women just crack me up

So I’m waiting for laundry to dry and am therefore perusing Google with a search for prostitution subjects posted withing the past 24 hours.

I come across CafeMom. With a web title like that you can just imagine all the harping and whining posters about prostitution and OMG HOOKERS!

I was pleasantly surprised. You can see for yourself here the number of women who were all like I’D NEVER DO IT! But it should be legalized, regulated, blahdy blah.

As usual I come across statements such as:

I have more respect for my body and my being than to sell it


I have more respect for myself than to sleep with men for money.

Here goes the conversation in my head:

Me: So you have more respect for yourself when you just give it away for free?

Them: I’m not ‘just giving it away’?

Me: So you are getting compensation for it. Just not cash?

Them: No I give it to the man I love.

Me: Does he love you in return?

Them: Of course.

Me: Would you still have sex with him if he didn’t love you?

Them: Of course not!

Me: Do you value his love?

Them: Yes.

Me: So you ARE having sex for something of value! You are a whore by definition.

Yes, one must realize that the laws – they are a changing. No longer is prostitution defined by handing over cash for sex, it’s having sex in exchange for something of value. To me, that may be cold hard Benjamins, to others it may be a wedding ring.

If you are truly not selling pussy then you are giving it away for NOTHING, not a drink, not dinner and a movie, and certainly not love if that is what you value. THATS what you call self respect? Wow. I have more respect for myself than to give it away freely.


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