I *heart* Lani

Because she is another one that tells it like it is:

…a lot of the time they are just timewasters. As in, they get their kicks wasting my time. This one dude has been texting me all last night and again this morning, asking prices and services and whether he can worship my body… I sent the link to the website, he continued to text things like “I want to worship your feet, how much?”Duuude. Find a computer. Turn it on. Look at the website. Check rates. Check services. Then text me. After reading the etiquette page maybe. Do not tell me what you want to do to my tootsies before I have had my goddamn coffee. Or if you want to check if I’m cool with your kink, maybe email me a scenario you have in mind and I’ll give you a yay or a nay. Sending me pervey texts just makes me think you’re beating off in between messages. I can’t cope with that before breakfast or after dinner. Actually, it doesn’t make me happy at any point in time, but I’m more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt somewhere around lunchtime.

I’m really not cool with people being sleazy in my general direction.Yeah, I know, some people think its part of the job description, but really, its just not. Not before you’ve paid me, anyway. Especially if its prior to coffee. Just so you know. *mutters into cold coffee about it being the bloody weekend and how I’m sleepy and grumpy, and I mean, who the fuck texts that shit to people if theres a chance they havn’t woken up yet?*

Couldn’t have said it better.


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